Okay. My name is andrew willet kyte. I am the second newest member of barrit. My story? I joined in fall of 96. i had been in the band gandiva, so they knew i could play guitar... and i hung around with the barrit kids once in a while... so they knew i was someone they could deal with. I remember that fall, walking home from school everyday listening to the barrit demo on my walkman. I fucking loved what they were doing. They were also the only band around ( at the time....) that was doing what they were doing. ( to this day many bands have "adopted" the style). Which is important becuase origanility and intensity are the things i love about music the most. Soon after, me and gandiva ended ( although i kept the "last name")...which i liked because i wasn't sincerally into it. It also gave me more time and effort to put into barrit. Barrit has meant a lot to my life. It is a creative oultlet for emotions. Mainly, Barrit is a family. The 4 other members of the band, along with a more vast "crew" of kids, are a tightly knit network of friendship and love. We all would do anything for eachother, and we all prioritize eachother over ourselves... And of course it took getting used to being a member of the band and the friends.. An example was in that fall of 96 our singer went to school in Arizona...because steve's education and finding himself are more important than being able to play shows etc...Of course, i wouldnt have been able to say "we" back in fall of 96 ( as every change takes getting used to). I definatly wasnt turned off by the reputation of the band and crew , image and status are not for me. The thing that i like the most about these people is that they are real ( Real is a quality in people i prioritize the most). I would drive out to worcester every weekend and hang out be crazy..i had finally found people i could identify with.. a group.. I could not identify with the other high school kids. Speaking of high school, I joined when i was a junior.. now i am closing in my senior year (High school for me is funny, i have been ready to get out for 2 years, but i have to put in the time for college) High school is also, by the way.. pathetic. It has been hard, to balance a life of highschool and parents ..and a life of barrit. Especially when i live 1 to 2 hours away from everybody. There was times where i just wanted to say fuck it..i'm moving out there. But i love my parents , and i am college bound .. so i stuck with it. Now i can't imagine my life without barrit. I do take the band for granted sometimes...of course.. but i try to sit back and aprreciate it. I joined the band cave in in spring of 97 till fall of 97. It was fun playing shows.. but it didnt work out. I am more glad that i can throw all my efforts and time into barrit. My future goals for the band are to get as intense and original as possible.. I want to venture places no one has in music. We are heading in that direction. We have our flowing points and our haulted points.. but i think we will keep this train rolling, and the wheels will keep turning faster and faster.

things to know about me-
- i play saxaphone in a concert and jazz ensamble
- i am a telemarker ( not typical...hey its an easy job with big $ and weekends off)
- i have a brother who is a carbon copy of the ex-guitarist for faith no more- jim martin..( the guy with the big curly hair, beard, and red glasses)
- my brother also is fucking awesome
- my father is a minister, my mother is an art teacher ( and un-organized ) and my step mom is a guidance counciler. ( so i cant avoid helping people in the future)
- i'm outgoing socially.. ( and i dont give a fuck ) i worry about friends etc.. more than me....( but im starting to get out of it)
- im always in debt
- i talk to much..as you can see by my 3 page personal!
- i live in dalton, which is near pittsfield with is near ma/ ny line - i also once and a while liive in eastlongmeadow which is next to springfield.....
- college next year- clark in worcester
- i do a lot of art.
-nicknames - gandiva, drunk ass andy, shortbus, gondo, gandi
-Where will you find me? umass or worcester
-quote: "To ignore evil is to become an accomplice to it." -martin luther king jr
-quote 2: ".... each one of us is the revolution" frail.
-quote 3- "shyness is fine..shyness will stop you, from doing all things in life you'd like to"- the smiths

musical influences/ play list - 1. black metal, 2. classical, 3. emo ( + cure/smiths/tori amos) 4. death metal 5. hardcore / sceamo 6. punk 7. hip hop

last words..thank you to my family for putting up with me and all of this..thank you to all my friends. ..it has been hard..figuring out life/ who you are/ what you want to do etc.. thank you for being there......