ATTENTION!!!!!! we need photos!! particularly from the winter tour, and especially from the show in worcester on december 27th!! if you have photos or videos, please please email steve at and/or liz at!!!! if you give us something really good we'll do something nice for you!!! (like a big kiss from pete!!) thank you so much to those people who have already responded to this plea!!

*naked fun at disneyworld*

this website is currently being updated. as soon as we have more photos and more time, an entirely new site will premier. for now, if you need to contact barrit email pete at or steve at if you need to talk to mike from ellington records you can email him at if you have photos, etc. email steve or liz. thanks for being patient, check back soon for updates, tour info, etc.

you can still view or sign the guestbook if you would like.